A Cultural Impact Project | Sector and Audience Development
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The Module

Sector and Audience Development

The Sector and Audience Development module will evaluate the capacity of Asia TOPA to develop and build new audiences and develop the capacity of the Victorian arts sector to undertake Asian- Australian programming, through artistic exchanges, tours and partnerships. The module will provide an understanding of the extent to which Asia TOPA impacts on the future programming of participating arts organisations, the impact of Asia TOPA on audience development, insights about accessing new and diverse audiences for the arts and the extent to which the Asian content of Asia TOPA resonated with Victorian audiences.


Recent News:

Meet the Researchers: Hilary Glow

Asia Pop Fest: Bringing Asian Pop Music to Melbourne


Associate Professor

Hilary Glow

Hilary Glow is the Director of the Arts and Cultural Management program at Deakin University. Her research lies in arts participation, audience engagement, arts and cultural policy, local government arts, Indigenous performing arts and youth arts.



Read more about Hilary’s research here.


Anne Kershaw

A lecturer in the Deakin University Business School. Her research focus includes art and social inclusion, audience development, arts participation and community engagement.

The project takes a cross-disciplinary approach consisting of three modules that address different levels of impact of Asia TOPA.

Processes and Outcomes

Each module addresses different research questions and uses differing methodologies, but with overarching questions that unite the models.

The research documents processes and outcomes for key Asia TOPA stakeholders, measures impact, identifies factors that contribute to success and key learnings for future delivery. Resulting recommendations will build capacity for Australia’s cultural sector to engage with Asia, and invite new forms of investment with partners aligned to interests in Asia.


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