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The Module

Cultural Leadership

The Cultural Leadership module will analyse and test the achievements of the Asia TOPA consortium and partners to deliver innovative models of arts, audience, development and business relationships. The module will provide a case study of a consortium management model, of value to organisations seeking to innovate their management structures and an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the consortium model to its members and partners, for the development of future consortium-style capacities to collaborate. It will also provide reporting on the relationship between artistic vibrancy and innovation, and the consortium’s capacity for agility, cooperation and innovation.

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Andrea North-Samardzic

Andrea North-Samardzic is a lecturer in the Department of Management in the Deakin University Business School. She received her PhD in Organisation and Management from the University of NSW in 2011. She teaches leadership and people management in the MBA program, as well as actively researching and developing leading edge learning technologies. Her ongoing research is primarily on leadership, with a focus on dispersed and collaborative leadership approaches.



Read more about Andrea’s research here.



Amanda Coles

Amanda Coles is a lecturer in the Master of Arts and Cultural Management in the Faculty of Business and Law program at Deakin University. Amanda’s research and scholarly publication record examines workforces, labour markets, collective representation, public policy, gender and inequality in the arts and cultural industries. She is a Co-Researcher with the Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work (CRIMT) in Canada, and an Affiliate Researcher with the Centre for People, Organisation and Work (CPOW) at RMIT University in Australia. Amanda also consults on a range of labour market and policy issues for the screen-based industries.



Read more about Amanda’s research here.

Processes and Outcomes

Each module addresses different research questions and uses differing methodologies, but with overarching questions that unite the models.

The research documents processes and outcomes for key Asia TOPA stakeholders, measures impact, identifies factors that contribute to success and key learnings for future delivery. Resulting recommendations will build capacity for Australia’s cultural sector to engage with Asia, and invite new forms of investment with partners aligned to interests in Asia.


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